Our portfolio of services include ERP, CRM, Portal Development and Support.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) , serves as the backbone of an Enterprise, integrating applications in various areas of the business including finance, manufacturing, human resources, sales and marketing.

New technologies are key to organize and operate a business successfully.  Companies that integrate and deploy  innovative operating models can achieve both efficiency and growth.

As technology becomes embedded in a business it leads to extensive business  collaboration; flexible business processes and technology infrastructure.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is both a business strategy and a model that enables the business to keep track of their interaction with present and future customers.  CRM has been labeled has one of the most powerful software tool that helps an organization to automate and synchronize “front office” activities.

Key benefits of implementing CRM include better customer care, retention of customers, encourages cross sale of products, communication through social media, can be implemented in a small scale business, reduces operations cost and increases profitability, and understand the business from customer’s prospective.

.Net  framework is a technology that supports and improves the online and business portal. Portal opens the gateway of success for an organization with its reach and enhanced customer satisfaction.  It can help connecting with the customers, collaborate with partners and service work force 24 X 7.

ReliRite advantage

ReliRite offers core transformation of business through various business applications software like ERP, CRM and .Net.

ReliRite offers range of business applications and services across industries   Our team is motivated to provide best technological resources tailored to individual business.  ReliRite ensures ability to strike spontaneous connections with customers and suppliers.

We provide a positive and competitive edge in your business framework through successful implementation of  business applications. We streamline specific requirements and aid in the development and integrations of software applications. Our team is motivated to provide you with high quality and less complicated user friendly information systems.

Our best practices range from program planning and strategy through solution architecting, development, deployment and roll out. With our market leading approach we help you collaborate seamlessly across systems and to manage it’s life cycle.

We have an edge in influencing a typical implementation environment. Our solution framework provides flexibility to customers to achieve seamless integration with cost effective solutions.

We help you organize re purpose and restructure your assets. With our leadership approach we co-innovate in managing the systems and its life cycle.

Our core business standards focus on initiation and deployment of new technologies  to achieve  and accomplish higher level of innovation, system integration  to suit the client’s needs. Our fact based approach will promote lower development costs to give accelerated result, maximize productivity and efficiency.

These new technologies make it easier for companies to respond to today’s changing business needs to lay standards for operational excellence and cost leadership thereby flexibly accommodating to changing market demands and conditions.

We strive for excellence in execution and transparency in consultation. With our collective insight we offer best practice end to end solutions and best course of action to implement them across your business framework.  We guarantee high impact business results, alignment of IT and business goals.